URANANTENNA is an exhibition consisting of photographic collages and sculptures that engage the terminology and forms of communication systems. Herman uses the analogy of an antenna to describe the way objects and people impact their environment—both receiving and broadcasting signals. One of the central components of communication is “noise” or the break down of data, such as in static. Finding beauty in these disruptions, Herman uses processes of printing, cutting and folding, as well as borrowing vocabularies from folk medicine and popular magic, to showcase the way technology uses the same patterns of symbolic logic as myth. For example, his interest in magnets is a response not only to their physical properties and ubiquity in electronics but also to the ways in which notions of attraction and repulsion are central to folklore and the practice of divination. This can also be seen in the way he considers his antennas to function as both devices in a network and as a kind of altar or stage, playing with the allegories found in futurisms and science fictions.